Ethical Manufacturing, why does it matter?

Hands holding fabric on sewing machine

There is no denying that the terms “ethical” and “sustainable” have become the latest buzz words within the retail industry. But that’s not to say there isn’t validity to the movement. There is definitely a sense of social responsibility for both manufacturers in how they source and create their wares and consumers to be aware of how the businesses they purchase from are being run.

But what exactly does ethical manufacturing mean? In simple terms ethical manufacturing is the comprehensive and holistic approach to the manufacturing process. Its focus is on good health and working conditions for all. From the production line to the customer, ethical manufacturing takes into account the provision of safe working practices as well as environmentally friendly processes. In short, ethical businesses create safe products safely by protecting its workers, minimising negative impacts on the environment and conserving resources and energy.

It may seem like a complex concept but at the heart of ethical manufacturing is the desire to create a better world. Climate change, global warming and the depletion of natural resources are forcing us as consumers to be aware of how we are impacting the world we are living in and what kind of world we are leaving behind for our children.

hands cupped to hold small pile of dirt and plant

When you shop ethically, you know you are buying from a business that is neither wasteful nor cruel. You are buying from a business that cares about the environment, the people they employ and you, their customer.